School Garden Grant Updates: May 2010

Julington Creek Elementary

My garden is going great!  We are getting fruit, but it won't be ripe before school is out unfortunately.  The kids are really into it.  Many have even planted gardens at home.  We are writing an ABC book about the garden, too.  However, the big event is on June 7th when the kids present Dinner and Drama for their parents, etc.  They are cooking spaghetti for 100!  We wanted to use our garden tomatoes, but that won't be possible.  We are hoping to have a couple of ripe tomatoes to add to the salad at least.  However, the recipe calls for fresh herbs and we have plenty of those!  We won't get any strawberries for the shortcake either, but they are fascinated watching the blooms turn into fruit (we harvested one).  Each student is assigned 2 plants (this includes sunflowers and two trees we planted) they measure and feed weekly.  There is also a water brigade daily.  Because we all go home June 10 and no one will be around to tend the garden this summer, I am digging the garden up and having drawings for each plant so the students can take them home and reap the benefits.  The kids love to be "in the garden"!  What a fabulous experience!  I can't wait until the fall to start over.

Joan Delony 3rd Grade Teacher Julington Creek Elementary

OUR Center: Hastings


This was the second morning I was able to work with some children at the garden.  It was fantastic!

Yesterday (at home)  I made the children simple garden journals and brought them colored pencils along with blankets where they could begin their journey of garden discovery for the summer. I think it was a hit.  They seemed enthused.

I'm so looking forward to seeing the growth of these kids and the community garden in the next coming weeks.

We are going to be working on small tepees and I'm recruiting my husband to build some tall boxes for all the different mints we grow.   I expect we will be making some sun tea next week.   The kids Loved the Lemon Basil! But you should have seen the little Monet's!   How rewarding.   It was Great!

Susan Dykstra

Otis Mason Elementary


The garden is wonderful!  We have had green tomatoes for a couple of weeks - I am keeping my fingers crossed  that they will turn red before the end of school.  If they don't, we can use all of the other plants to make sauce with store bought tomatoes.  The kids are excited every time we go out.  They have all written wonderful stories about their personified plant and a problem it has to overcome (usually a lack of water).  It smells wonderful and many of the other classes have commented about how much they have enjoyed watching it grow and it's wonderful aroma.

Kristin Meek

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