SFFC Snail of Approval: Guerrilla Growery

Located on Anastasia Island, just south of the Amphitheater, you will find Guerrilla Growery, an urban farm run by two ambitious farmers, Chance Ryan and Kayla Cox.  Their location boasts spectacular views of the intercostal and estuary along the Matanzas River.  These adjacent waters help to prolong the growing season by providing warmth in our colder weeks of winter. Guerrilla Growery produces microgreens, herbs, flowers and vegetables using all- natural and organic practices. Though the property is small-about a half- acre- these farmers have a mighty goal: to achieve self-sustainability via growing healthy food for themselves and the community. Using minimal new resource, they are creatively reusing and repurposing materials for their gardens. They have multiple raised beds built with natural and organic materials and methods, along with a greenhouse to protect the tender sprouts.  In a short period of time, Chance and Kayla have made great strides in reaching their goal.

Compost is made on site and supplemented with natural volcanic ash and a favorite- Black Cow manure.  Artisan well water, organic seed, and natural pest control methods contribute to their organic growing practices.  Watch for Guerrilla Growery’s participation at local framers markets. Their products are fresh, vibrant, and full of flavor.


22 Sea Park Drive St.  Augustine, FL 32080

Phone: 352-874-4051

Facebook page

OPEN:   Best to Call