Tour De Farm Tour: NeVera Farms

The following guest post was written by one of our own volunteers, Brentley Stead. Read on for Brentley's bio.


While you may know that each Tuesday and Friday you can find freshly stocked local eggs and dairy from NaVera Farms at Native Sun, you might not know that you that you are purchasing from (what might be) one of the only farms in Florida that has a retirement home for its hens! We got a snapshot of just one piece of NaVera’s process when we met up with Greg Ferguson for one of his egg and dairy deliveries at Native Sun.


NaVera may be a small farm, but they pack a punch with all the the education programs, individual farm tours and more that they offer. This time we wanted to see what the delivery process is like, so Greg showed us how he transports the fresh milk and eggs to Native Sun, one of their largest suppliers, twice a week.


Greg explained that they’ve outfitted their car with an electric cooler for the unpasteurized milk, and they nestle the eggs in the back seat to prevent any breakage. You can count on the milk being fresh, and the eggs even fresher. As soon as the cows are milked and the eggs gathered they are headed to the store!


While milk looks like, well milk, each package of eggs you pick up is a beauty. With a variety of colors in every carton, it’s almost like a discovery just opening up a package. Don’t believe me or the pictures? You can find your very own NaVera eggs at Native Sun all the time, or check out the farm during the Tour de Farm this year on November 15th!


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About Brentley:

For Brentley it all started with a radish. In early 2013 she discovered the joys of crispy and spicy radishes fresh from the ground at the UNF Ogier Gardens and she was hooked. After that she learned how to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and she decided she needed to be more involved with the farm to table movement. An avid reader, sometimes writer, and a semi-professional social media-ist she's bending her skills to help the Slow Food First Coast promote their mission!