Tour De Farm Tour: Ruffled Feathers

The following guest post was written by one of our own Board members, Mary Ann Rosenthal. Read on for Mary Ann's bio. Eggs_Logo

This week I was in luck at the St. Augustine Farmer's Market as it was the 3rd Saturday of the month.


I picked up a dozen Ruffled Feathers eggs, sold there on a schedule of first and third Saturdays and asked co-owner Katie Provow if she had any tricks to share on boiling and peeling hard boiled eggs.


My son loves deviled eggs and sometimes I have difficulty peeling fresh eggs. Her advice was: use a bit of vinegar in the boiling water or not - but most importantly - peel them under cool running water after boiling for at least 14 minutes. Do not let them cool all the way as the shells may contract. So peel them while still hot as you can stand. It worked! I did use a small amount of vinegar in the water while boiling AND peeled them hot.


The deviled eggs turned out great and while visiting I overheard her relate the story of the broody hen and "ruffled feathers" with a new customer. Look for her at the Tour de Farm on November 15th.


As picked up off their website, here is what she related:

"Many of you have asked about our logo – isn’t it beautiful?! Nick’s grandma, Ellen Hines, drew it for us, from observations and photos of one of our hens. This particular hen is broody at the moment, meaning that she sits on a nest all day waiting for (unfertilized) eggs to hatch. It’s not particularly good for her, as she doesn’t want to get up to eat or poop and pulls out her chest feathers to keep her and her coop-mates’ eggs close to her warm skin. So, we kick her out of the nest several times a day. Every time she fusses at us, and of course, ruffles her feathers."

Mary AnnAbout Mary Ann:

Mary Ann recently retired from the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, FL as an Assistant Director of Marketing, now working as a web marketing specialist for Aaron Rosenthal, at Thought Projects, LLC., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

While with UNF, Mary Ann worked on university identity, alumni events and fundraising efforts as well as brand standards. She was the President and Co-President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Jacksonville chapter; Fellow of the AIGA, Jacksonville chapter; and Advisory Board of the AIGA Jacksonville Chapter.

Mary Ann is also co-owner with husband Bill, of the St. Augustine Antique Emporium at 62 San Marco, St. Augustine, FL, and Vintage St. Augustine.