To help guide our region toward food that is good, clean and fair, Slow Food First Coast maintains a program called the Snail of Approval, an honor awarded to local producers, purveyors, restaurateurs and artisans who contribute to the Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability of the food we eat and the beverages we drink on the First Coast. Anyone may nominate a business or organization for approval, but first, we'd encourage you to read through our criteria below then familiarize yourself with how the process works and browse our list of FAQ's


Quality is fundamental—food must taste good and be good for us. Quality includes: the freshness and wholesomeness of ingredients; the care and craft with which they are handled; the quality of life of consumers, producers and their neighbors. It is a standard of Quality based on food that is good, clean and fair.


Authenticity means that the food is true to its source. Natural products free of additives are true to themselves; local, seasonal foods are true to their time and place; heirloom varietals and heritage breeds are true to their evolutionary history; traditional foods are true to their cultural heritage. Authentic foods come from and contribute to ecological and cultural systems that are good, clean and fair.


Sustainability means that we must pay attention to the consequences of how we produce and distribute food. We must be good stewards of the environment in which we live; we must protect the biodiversity on which we depend; we must be humane to the animals we raise, fair to the people we employ, and we must insist that high quality food be available to all. Sustainability means reducing all the negative consequences of making food – it means using processes that are good, clean and fair.

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Nominee's Personal Phone Number
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Nominee's Business Phone Number
Businesses or organizations being nominated for a Snail of Approval must demonstrate proficiency in three primary focus areas: quality, authenticity, and sustainability. In the space below, please describe what your nominee does, and how they embody the spirit of Slow Food in their work. Please provide detailed examples of achievement in each focus area. All submissions MUST be at least two paragraphs in length, with all the criteria above addressed in full, for Snail of Approval consideration.