Martin Woods has developed a substantial cheese making enterprise in his commercial kitchen in Elkton, FL. In this mobile cheese plant, he makes several types of cheeses which are all aged for over 60 days. His cheeses include gouda, blue, feta, jalapeño, cheddar and more. In addition to the cheeses, the market sells other dairy products, including buttermilk, yogurt, butter, and curds and whey. They make kombucha, grow grass-fed beef, broilers, and eggs. The Natural Springs Dairy distributes products over a very wide range of convenience and health food stores from Amelia Island to Orlando. Watch for the Dairy Market's new location off of route 312 in Hastings in the summer of 2018.

*Florida State Law requires all raw milk cheeses and products, aged less than 60 days, to be labeled “for pet consumption only”.

5780 County Road 305, Elkton | (904) 692-4786 |