Photo courtesy of  Danny Cary

Photo courtesy of Danny Cary

Alex McKeown, Owner and Matthew Fletcher, Brewer are creating some unique and home based flavors to serve neighbors and visitors to Hyperion Brewing Co. This small batch craft brewery is located in the Springfield area of Jacksonville and the tap room's menu board boast some of the areas most unusual local flavors. The company demonstrates its commitment to local ingredients and sustainable brewing practices by partnering with local growers and by using many environmentally friendly practices. 

Herb & Core and Sustainable Springfield are local sources for herbs and seasonings. Oranges and limes are arriving from a local neighbor and local honey is being used to sweeten their brews. Slow Foods own Arch of Taste recipient- the Datil pepper-from Alex's own backyard have also make it into the tap room. In the production process they are sourcing locally grown, fresh hop leaves. Growing hops is new in our area of Florida and it sets Hyperion apart in local sourcing. The recycled brewing water is used to clean their fermentation tanks and every two weeks the spent grains are picked up by a local pig farmer and used for feed.
Stop by and sample some Peanut Butter Porter or a Blood Orange Rosemary IPA. Because they are a small batch brewery, the flavors change quickly and with what is growing however,.... they always bring back the favorites.

1740 North Main Street,  Jacksonville   |   (904) 518-5131   |   www.hyperionbrewing.com