Rice growing returns to Northeast Florida after more than 100 years thanks to Scott Meyer and his dedicated family and team. Located on the north side of Jacksonville, Congaree and Penn is a local rice farm, a mayhaw orchard and home to a future cidery. The vision shared by the team is to produce diverse and sustainable crops, well adapted to the local environment and able to thrive with each other. 

Many Slow Food recognized restaurants use Congaree and Penn rice, innovating its special qualities in their kitchens. Depending on how it is milled, the farm produces brown and white rice, as well as cracked rice (known as middlins), rice grits and rice flour.

You can find this locally farmed rice and other Congaree and Penn products in retail locations and restaurants throughout Northeast Florida, and at the Riverside Arts Market. Don’t miss their website for chef inspired recipes to share with friends and family.

Congaree and Penn  |  11830 Old Kings Road  |  Jacksonville, Florida 32219  |  |  @congareeandpenn