Photo courtesy of   Lexi Mire

Photo courtesy of Lexi Mire

This Chick Can Cook offers individuals who are looking for creative catering options with will find a treasure of seasonal delights. Owner and chef, Rosaria Anderson believes that supporting community farmers and producers is sustainable, ethical, and entirely possible through her catering business and cooking classes.

There is a distinct Mediterranean flair to the every changing menu of catering options, which is a nod to Rosaria’s family ties to Sicily and her belief that healthy food should also taste good. Many items are organic, gluten free, or vegan, and everything is made in house. Her hearty salads, roasted stuffed squash, baked goods, hand crafted quiches, salmon and pasta salads, and other delights, however, are all comfort foods with a distinct Southern flavor.

The setting is intimate and inviting and the kitchen was intentionally designed without a front wall to provide openness and transparency. Visitors are enthusiastically welcomed and pulled into conversation by Rosaria, her husband Craig, and their small staff as they create culinary delights in the open kitchen.

This Chick Can Cook provides catering services, cooking classes, Farm to Table dinners, and other delivery options to the Northeast Florida region. Rosaria is mindful about sourcing ingredients for sustainable, environmental, and human rights causes and donates 5 percent of all net income to the local food community and educational charities.

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