Photo courtesy of   Miguel Emmanuelli  

Photo courtesy of Miguel Emmanuelli 

Food safety and sustainability are number one at Traders Hill Farm. This spotlessly clean farm is located in northwest Jacksonville. This former chicken farm, owned by the Blaudow family, is a world class sustainable aquaponic facility.

Traders Hill Farm employees a system that uses fish waste to feed the vividly healthy plants growing in abundance in the greenhouses. No soil, no waste, less water use, no pesticides, and no chemical fertilizers or herbicides. THF has attained the highest level of food safety-the first aquaponic facility to achieve- Level 3 SQF (Safe Quality Food) Code Edition 7.2 certification and considered the safest level of farming facility in the US and maybe the world. This food is not only clean but it is fresh and it stays fresh longer.

The farm is so successful that it has sold out of its current capacity and is building a one- million plant hole expansion. Social responsibility, research, and education arein practice here. The Packard Model for hiring and provides a high school to college program with free tuition

You can currently find the farm produce at Grass Roots, Native Sun, and many well-known restaurants in the surrounding area. Keep your eye on Traders Hill and watch it grow…Good, Clean, Fair food for the First Coast.   |  904-845-2627  | @tradershillfarms

Traders Hill Farm|  30829 Foghorn Lane  |  Hilliard, FL 32048