Bold Bean Coffee Roasters believe great “coffee is a process, beginning with the farmers who grow it.” Bold Bean owner Jay Burnett and his son Zachary, the Master Roaster and Blending Baron, have a small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting designed to bring out the best flavors and aroma characteristics in every batch of beans. They source their green coffee beans from small-scale family farmers in growing regions from around the world. The Burnett team is hands- on, involved in every facet of production. The roastery is one of a handful of certified organic roasters in Florida that is also certified to label their coffees Fair Trade and or Rain Forest Alliance. Bold Bean roast both single-origin coffees that reveal the essence of what is unique to a particular growing region and blends which combine beans to achieve a new taste profile. Some of the beans they import are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring the farmers who grow them are paid fairly, with profits from the harvest returned to the community.  Some coffee beans also carry Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance labeling, which ensures the coffee is sustainably grown and produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bold Bean roasts small batches to order daily in their beautiful gas-fired Ambex drum coffee roaster from Turkey.  The roast-to-order batches uphold the Burnett’s commitment to quality and freshness, while also ensuring that Bold Bean Coffee is delivered at the peak of flavor and aroma to restaurants, local grocers and food emporiums.  Several carefully blended coffees are offered as well as their own coffee concentrate and spice rub.  Their website is filled with excellent background information and describes the roasting process and instructions for brewing the perfect cup.

Visit Bold Bean and you will smell the perfume of fine coffee on the street. You can also find their booth at Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market on occasional Saturdays in the spring and fall.

“Great coffee doesn’t just happen.”

Contact: Jay and Zack Burnett NEW Cafe LOCATION! 869 Stockton Street, Suite 1-2 Jacksonville, FL 32204 Phone: 904-855-1181


Monday through Thusday, 7am - 10pm Friday and Saturday, 7am - 12am Sunday, 10am to 4pm


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