Andrea Rosenblatt C.C. with her husband Michael are the long-time owners of this cooking studioon route US 1 in Ponte Vedra. Their classes focus on home cooks, teaching them how to  use locally sourced ingredients, cook at home more often, and cook more efficiently with less waste.  The participants also learn international and trendy techniques to bring new ideas to their tables.  Each session includes some fundamentals such as stocks from scratch, breads from scratch, pie dough from scratch as part of the basic set up to encourage home-cooks to prepare items they might be buying pre-made. True to their philosophy of teaching sustainability and supporting local sources, A Chef's Studio is sourcing all seafood from Kyles, or Mayport directly, all pork products are from Black Hog Farms.  The studio sources a great majority spices from Spice and Tea Exchange and have a partnership with the Exchange for a Wine Club as well. They use local farmers markets, Curry Brothers, County Line, Black Hog Farm and local grocery store organics when other sources are not available.  They have their own herb pots in the front of their building which supply a surprising number of summertime herbs such as all basil, chives, and parsley and they have grown their own Kafir lime leaves and lemon grass for Asian classes for the last three years. They are devoted to getting the pre-packaged, preservatives and additives out of the home-cooks kitchen and to sharing techniques for doing so in every single class, lecture or demo offered.

Andrea and Michael are making a large contribution to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of food on the First Coast and teaching others to do the same one class at a time.

A Chef's Cooking Studio  |  www.achefs.com  |  achef@achefscookingstudio.com

145 Hidden Valley Road Ponte Vedra  |  904-827-1350


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