County Line Produce

For many, many years, Brad Bland has opened up his farm stand just before Thanksgiving. His farm sits on the border between St. Johns and Putman Counties. . The farm stand had its beginning in 1973, with the Bland and Mathis boys selling cabbages out of the back of a truck. Customers now come from afar to load up their trucks or cars with his fresh produce. Small white signs string along the road, announcing what is offered on any given day: varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts on the stem, carrots, beets, Silver Queen corn, and all kind of greens grown using only conventional farming methods. These vegetables and more grow on Brad’s 65 acres over the eight months that the stand is open. Whatever Brad needs to round out his selections including other vegetables, raw honey from Ray Warren in Umatilla, Florida, roasted peanuts, etc., he gets from Plant City and some area farmers. Customers will know what is being grown right on the farm by checking the blackboard which is updated daily.

County Line Produce employs one assistant farmer in the field with Brad Bland and two workers selling produce in the stand. Everything is handpicked with no large machines and equipment. When the temperature begins to rise for the summer, the stand closes. In mid-June expect to see the word “SHUT” written on the covered stand and await the November opening just in time to prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Address: 9260 State Road 207, Hastings, FL 32145 Phone: 904-692-9400 Hours: 8am -4pm, 7 days a week

Slow Food Team