Cross Creek Honey Company

Nancy Gentry and her son, Nick, are partners in their beekeeping business. Their bee yards are situated in wild St. Johns River Water Management District land and the bees forage on black gum and citrus trees, palmettos, gallberry bushes, cabbage palms, goldenrod and Spanish needles to produce true Florida honeys.  These beekeepers extract from fresh honeycomb frames on the day of harvest and bottle it in sterilized, glass jars.  They also produce a variety of beeswax candles.Nancy Gentry is recognized especially for her work helping the FL Dept of Agriculture establish a Honey Standard, which was adopted in July, 2009. This ruling established a true identity for honey marketed and produced in our state, in order to curtail the fraudulent practice of diluting honey with other syrups.  The FL Honey Standard is the first to be adopted in the nation.  Both consumers and beekeepers benefit by having pure honey labeled as such.  For more informationclick HERE.

Nancy is on the Florida Farm Bureau’s Apiary Advisory Committee and on the State of Florida Honey Bee Technical Council.  In 2007, Nancy was named Woman of the Year by the Florida State Beekeepers Association.  In 2009, she received Special Recognition for her work on Florida’s Honey Standard.  Both she and her son, Nick, participate in the UF Master Beekeeping Program.

Cross Creek honey can be found at

Farmers’ Markets

Saturdays at Fernandina FM, Fernandina Beach, FL Saturdays at  RAM in Jacksonville


Grassroots Natural Market, Riverside, Jacksonville The Market on Granada Street, St. Augustine, FL

Contact:   Nancy Gentry 125 Twin Lake Grove Dr Interlachen, FL  32148 904.347.8914


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