NaVera Farms in Callahan Florida is setting a high standard for holistic sustainable farming in the southeastern United States and maybe the entire country.  This superbly planned farm is home to a variety of animals and plants, each maintained with the strictest standards of environmental concern and animal welfare. From the raised herb and veggie beds, the flower gardens to the berry field, all plant life is grown using organic methods and sustainable practices.  In addition to the  fruit trees, herbs, grapes and berries you will find a variety of laying hens roaming freely, a special pet turkey following your tour, ducks, dairy cows, goats, donkey, horses, pigs, and beautiful lamas- just to name a few- all supported and lovingly cared for by principalsGreg Ferguson and Bill Di Stanisloa. 

NaVera farm employs growing and feeding practices that raise the bar on “best practice” in organic/holistic farming, using certified organic soy-free feeds, Artesian well water, composting, "Green Pest Control" derived from natural, plant and botanical sources and water conservation.

The farm currently offers goat’s cheese, milk, and eggs for pick up and offers tours by appointment only.  Check the extensive website for the most up to date news.

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Slow Food Team