Located in a historic home in the Old City district of Saint Augustine, the Spice and Tea Exchange has on offer both traditional and innovative spice, salt, herbal and tea blends ­­all made in­house and from scratch. Owners Colleen and Bob Messner ensure that the highest quality, pure­to­source ingredients are used. While these ingredients are not always certified organic, they do always adhere to the Spice and Tea Exchange's rigorous standards. Many blends (five total!) feature the regional favorite, the Datil pepper. The blends range from a Datil­spiced hot cocoa to the versatile "Tail­Gator" marinade. Additionally, the Florida Sunshine Salt blend incorporates our regional citrus, supplied by Currie Brothers Market on US1.

The Messners have plans to make good use of the Spice and Tea Exchange's ample courtyard space this coming spring. With the help of the FCTC Agricultural students, they hope to cultivate their own herb garden from which to harvest for use in their blends. Additionally, they plan to use the garden for Spring and Summer Workshops on "Cooking with Spices" with Chef David Bearl, to better reach out to the local community and educate on the varied and exciting use of herbs and spices in cooking. All of this furthers the Messners' community­focused drive and their philosophy that you "don't just sell to customers ­­ you build relationships".

The Spice and Tea Exchange  |  59 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine

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