Peace of Heart Community Farm hosts a 2.5 acre organic garden located at the front portion of a land parcel in Palm Valley owned by Howard and Amy Groshell. The property also hosts a residential home for women with autism and a “coop” for their flock of laying hens. With many helping hands, a seasonal array of vegetables and fruits are growing under organic practices and steps are currently being undertaken to persue organic certification.

Mixed greens and ready-made salad kits have been available at local markets. These greens are grown under netting that helps with insect control, provides shade, and conserves water. The raised beds are supplemented with organic compost and the water is sourced from a deep on site well. Berry bushes and fruit trees line the garden rows and summer production includes tomatoes, eggplant, and a variety of peppers .

The six residents of the home will have hands on experience in organic gardening and their table will benefit from their labors. The ability to also market the garden produce gives the women many opportunities to learn and interact with their community. The plan is to market their produce to local restaurants and farmers markets and monthly workshops on organic gardening will be offered soon. Volunteers from the surrounding area work side by side to insure the success of this innovative endeavor.

Good work is going on a Peace of Heart Community Garden. Check their website for dates and locations for current markets.

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