Two popular Aussie-American coffee shops, and one roastery, founded in St. Augustine, are supporting local products and making their mark on the espresso bar/coffee house scene. The Kookaburra on Cathedral Place and a location at 1835 US- 1 South are serving locally roasted small farm single origin coffees and teas, along with wine and many Snail of Approval local craft beers. Included in their offerings are home baked scones, muffins, cookies, and their famous Aussie pies. Owner, Megan Vidal is doing a good job of including many local, organic, and sustainable sources for her products and she is also aware of the origin and the growing/raising practices of the suppliers of almost all of her ingredients. The Kookaburra serves Snail of Approval roaster, Bold Bean Coffee and offers consumers a variety of non-GMO dairy alternatives with the milk products from our local Wainwright Dairy. The flavor syrups for specialty coffees are made here.

Florida grown Yaupon tea is a novelty for many on the offering board. This tea is an ancient brew consumed by the regional Native American Seminole, Muscogee, and Timucuan tribes. It has been tested by the University of Florida and found to be the only caffeine containing plant in North America and has the powerful antitoxin equivalent of blueberries.

Freshly made treats are prepared on site and their ingredients include seasonal, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. On the day of our visit, blueberries, peaches, mango, and zucchini were included. Partner Spencer Hooker adds not only his hard work but the Aussie touch….. with his family memorabilia and the famous Aussie pies. Chicken, beef, and vegetarian options contain seasonal vegetables and sell out fast. This is not a lunch business but if you get here early, you may just get to enjoy an Aussie pie with your beverage.

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24 Cathedral Place, Suite 100, St. Augustine  |  1835 US 1 S, Suite 133-135, St. Augustine  |  647 A1A Beach Blvd, St. Augustine Beach  |  The Roastery @ 76 Dockside Drive #104, St. Augustine

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